Quality policy

Windtools SLU, a company dedicated to the development of tools and systems for the optimisation of the maintenance of renewable energy plants, establishes the following guidelines as its management policy:

• To comply with all the requirements expressed by our customers, as well as those defined in our quality management system.

• To continuously improve the performance of our processes and customer satisfaction.

• To provide our customers with the most appropriate solutions to their needs by searching for and developing new products.

• To develop, implement, certify and maintain a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

• The quality management system of Windtools SLU has the full support of its Manager, who provides the human and material resources necessary for its application and maintenance.

See document Quality policy

Environmental policy

We are a company focused on the development of systems and tools that allow us to optimise wind maintenance.

Due to the importance of our surroundings and respective environmental care, we aim to protect the environment by preventing, minimising and controlling the environmental impacts derived from our activities.

That is why we are committed to:

• Preventing pollution by working on the efficiency of our processes, optimising resources and minimising waste.

• Continuously improving the environmental aspects of the company that generate an environmental impact.

• Working on the responsible and efficient use of energy.

• Training our company’s staff members and generating responsibility in caring for the environment.

• Complying with the current legal framework.

• Regularly disseminating our environmental policy internally and externally.

Code of ethics

This Code sets out the ethical commitments and responsibilities in the management of businesses and business activities, assumed by the collaborators of Windtools SLU, whether they are administrators or employees of this company.

The mission of Windtools is to create and develop tools and systems for the optimisation of the maintenance of renewable energy plants, for the benefit of the needs of customers and the expectations of all those who work for the company.

See the Code of Ethics document

Prevention plan

Windtools has a firm and absolute commitment to avoid the commission of crimes by its employees and managers, by those who act in the name or on behalf of Windtools and for its benefit, as well as by its de facto or de jure representatives, making use of the means or under the cover of the legal entity itself. In the unfortunate case that, despite the means established to avoid the commission of a crime, one is committed, a policy of zero tolerance and full collaboration has been adopted with the competent authorities to clarify the appropriate responsibilities of any of the aforementioned persons.

See the Criminal Risk Prevention Plan document

Equality plan

The gender perspective in working conditions implies being aware of the level of impact on women and men of the different types of contracts, and having staff members trained in equality in positions of responsibility, as well as in the legal representation of the workforce, in order to propose measures to improve the working conditions of women in the organisation.

See the Equality Plan document